Selected Video Pieces 1


Magic Mountain

2 min Loop

A moonlit night, Mont Blanc, a youth hostal window, a simple tilt shot. At first we are lead to believe that we are looking at an etching or a painting, our mind quickly becomes unsure of this. The perspective on the window frame that initially acts as a frame becomes the window we are looking out of. This piece was shot while making 'Death and the Monument' 2006


12 min loop

This piece was originally made for a show called ‘Big Blue’ that took place on the evening of May 1st 1998 UK general election night.
The video presents us with two pairs of eyes recorded synchronously in real time, without editing, a form of ‘struggle’ between two sides that places the viewer in the middle of a frantic battle on a tense night at a turning point in a nations history. Struggle was made with 4 ccd cameras strapped to the heads of two people with 2 pairs of swimming goggles.


30 second loop

This piece shows my grandmother, Edith Elisabeth  Ogbourne, weeks before she died at the grand old age of 98. She sings a hymn and to this day I have not tracked down the name of the hymn. I played the sound from this video to an audio medium, she seemed to be able to give me details from my grandmothers life, that I could verify, but not the name of the hymn or where it might of come from. There is no other footage of my grandmother.

This piece appears in the Museum of Optography, projected on a black wall.

Death and the Monument

55mins DVD Pal

See this link for synopsis